Aligning with the Body, Heart, Mind & Soul of GOD

This session will align ones’ being to the higher levels of the GOD
frequency. Throughout ones’ evolution, more and more alignments to
the higher GOD frequencies become available from the cosmos and
ones’ soul, propelling one to new levels of mastery and realization of
their GOD presence.

Aligning with the Quantum Fields, Energetic Systems, Chakras,
Meridians & Nadis of GOD

When we align with the GOD with in, miracles happen. We experience
healing on very deep levels and we begin to view the world from a place
of truth instead of illusion. When we tap into the quantum fields and
energetic systems of the GOD that we are and channel this energy
through our chakras, meridians and nadis, a great transformation takes
place and our perception and actions become aligned with the truth of
our GOD presence.

Ambassador, Beacon & Lightening Rod of GOD

This session will initiate and ignite the lightening rod of GOD in your
quantum spaces. This powerful rod initiation will allow one to reconnect
with higher levels of their mastery and bring that expression to this
world through your physical vehicle. In doing so, you become a beacon
of the GOD force in your service to humanity and this world.

Archetypes, Harmonics and Laws of GOD

This session  will provide one with the mastery of archetypes needed
for one’s evolution and self-realization as GOD. Your being will be
infused with harmonic frequencies of the highest caliber to shift your
energetic beingness into alignment, balance and harmony. This will
provide numerous opportunities to know and feel what balance and
alignment to one’s magnificence is all about. The balancing of the
archetypes comes when one moves one degree to the left or right of
this balance creating the forum for self-alignment, self-correction and
mastery. This session will propel you into higher levels of your
awareness and greatness that would equate to 50+ lifetime’s worth of

Armor, Shields & Swords of GOD

This session will provide one with the divine ideal shielding and
protection needed for their next level of advancement in the mastery of
their higher level GOD presence.

Balance, Harmony, Tranquility & Stillness of GOD

God said, “Within stillness there is knowing. Within knowing there is
GOD. With in GOD all is possible.” This session will align ones
energetic being to the divine balance and harmony that connects one
to the GOD within. This is truly one of the greatest gifts given to

Clarity, Vision, Discernment & Wisdom of GOD

This session will take one a step further in their mastery. While it is
divine to be connected one’s GOD within; the next step often is to know
how to use it for the greatest good of all. This session is the “instruction
booklet”, so to speak, that enables one the clarity, vision, discernment
and wisdom to carry out the work of GOD.

Codes, Templates and Blueprints of GOD

If you were to dissect ones energetic beingness, you would find that it is
composed of encodements, templates and blueprints for our lessons,
karma and mastery. This session is a blessed gift from GOD that will
recode all that weakens you in your energetic spaces and provide new
templates and blueprints to operate from that are aligned to the highest
love and light to assist you on your ascension path to mastery. It will
shift your vibration to that of the Christed vibration of love and service.

Cosmic Journey, Evolution & Mastery of GOD

This session provide a blueprint of the cosmic journey, evolution and
mastery of “GOD”. Once one is connected and aligned to it, it
accelerates ones’ journey and mastery to knowing and mastering the
GOD within.

Cosmic Rhythms, Pulses, Waves & Cycles of GOD

This session will align ones’ being to the cosmic rhythms, pulses, waves
and cycles of the GOD presence. When this happens, our atoms spark,
ignite and spin fast in great love and light and we bring in and anchor
this divine energy to this world.

Embodying the Kingdom of GOD

“Your body is your temple for which I reside. The kingdom you seek has
always been within your temple…in your heart. To embody the kingdom
of GOD is to rejoice in the splendor of all that GOD is, was and will ever
be.” GOD

Emotional Mastery of GOD

“My children I have taught you greatly the perfection of love and
through your incarnations and experiences, I have given you myriad
opportunities to understand that perfection, which is you.” GOD

Enlightenment, Empowerment & Alignment with the Divine Will
of GOD

This session will serve to align your will to the divine will of GOD so that
every thought and action is aligned to the will of GOD. You will become
aligned to the force, love, power and healing of GOD, becoming a
beacon of great light in the storm of life in this world as we know it.

GODhead Councils, Elders, Healers and Legions of GOD

When we focus our energies to a spiritual path of service, the doors
open wide to higher levels of Divine Beings known as the GODhead
Councils, The Elders and the Higher Offices of GOD. These high
spiritual beings only join us if the purpose of the union will assist in
serving others for the highest and greatest good of all. This session
contain contracts that need to be fulfilled for this world and humanity.
By accepting this session you and your soul work with these councils
and higher offices of light to select which contracts are aligned with
your service mission to the light. Once these contracts are accepted,
these blessed higher beings of love and light will assist you on every
step of your path to fulfilling these contacts for the upliftment of this
world and others.

GOD Realization & Ascension Chambers of GOD

Through our many incarnations and the veils of time, a soul can lose
sight or their divine perspective of GOD. This session will escort one to
the blessed healing chambers of GOD to restore ones faith, presence
and love of GOD. It is a restoration to what was yours in the first place,
but got bumped around and mislead through personalities and egos of
current and past incarnations. It is like receiving a divine tune-up to
GOD and your GOD presence.

Golden Alchemy & Elixirs of GOD

Alchemy is the transformation of self in the realization of the GOD within
us. Alchemy is the path to knowing the true self. It is the transformation
and transmutation of the lower base energies so that one can tap into
the higher frequencies of the cosmos, of love and of self-mastery. The
elixirs of GOD are divine elixirs of love and light that infuse our being to
transform even more density and negativity, leaving behind a
magnificent brilliant cleansed aura and soul. This session will assist one
by providing deep levels of clearing, allowing the individual to tap into
more of their light and soul essence in their progression to mastery.

Golden Heart and Chalice of GOD

The chalice of GOD is made up of all the cosmic rays of light, including
the seven rays. When we tap into this blessed chalice, it uplifts the soul
and our being, bringing us to new heights of awareness of self and
others, and lights the path to our service to the light.  This session  will
infuse these magnificent cosmic rays into your chakras and light bodies
throughout your evolution in this lifetime, opening golden doors of
opportunity and activating the golden heart of GOD within, so that you
may know and feel the love that GOD has for you, to serve in his

Healing and Heart Powers of GOD

There are many sacred chambers of the heart that awaken to greater
potentials of the most divine love. When these portals awaken, it allows
us to know, feel and radiate the highest levels of GOD’s love for all of
humanity. This session will allow one, in their evolution in this lifetime, to
awaken more and more chambers, ushering in the highest divine love,
like the opening of flood gates to the most highest and beautiful love
from divine source and our heavenly host. We will not only radiate this
magnificent divine love, but be it, for we will be merged with its’ totality.

Health, Vitality, Strength & Immortality Codes of GOD

Through ones reunification and realization of the GOD with in comes
great wisdom on our omnipotence. One realizes that health and vitality
is a result of our thoughts and choices and that immortality can be
initiated by just having knowledge of that choice.

Holy Spirit and Heavenly Hosts of GOD

These most blessed sessions contain gifts, revelations and upgrades
never before received on this planet to propel one into great levels of
their mastery and their love. These sequences are a divine
dispensation of grace from the Holy Spirit and the Heavenly Hosts of
GOD to assist in individual and mass ascension of all sentient beings in
this world. These sessions are so special and so vast that they contain
sessions within sessions that are beyond numbers to count. More than
anyone would ever need in a given lifetime and yet all that one needs
for their ascension.

I AM Presence and the Helm of GOD

These sessions  will initiate and align one to their I AM Presence, which
allows one to operate from a higher level of one’s monadic presence at
the Helm of GOD.

Illumination, Radiance & Illimitable Perfection of GOD

These sessions connects one into the GOD realms of Illumination,
Radiance & the Illimitable Perfection of GOD. When one is connected to
these realms, you have reached full GOD realization and mastery and
you begin to transcend ego and personality and operate from GOD in
all that you think and do. Your mission with GOD is activated and you
begin your magnificent path of service.

Light Bodies and Electric White Light Body of GOD

In our evolution to reach high states of love and light, we need the
assistance of our light bodies to achieve this goal. Our light bodies act
as a intermediary to hold vast amounts of high frequency love and light
that our beingness can tap into without burning up our organic body.
When we incarnate here we only have access to a limited amount of
light bodies. As we consciously evolve on our spiritual path, more light
bodies become accessible to us, thus allowing us to tap into higher and
higher levels of energy for the healing of self and others. These
sessions will assist one to tap into, connect, clear and heal the various
energetic light bodies leading up to the “Electric White Light Body of
GOD”. When we are initiated into the Electric White Light Body of GOD,
we tap into the vastness of GOD’s  love where miracles happen.

Love and Light Portals, Star Gates, Galaxies and Universes of

The omniverse consists of universes within universes and most of them
are Christed universes that have reached high levels of mastery in love
and light. These sessions are a gift from Heaven that allows individuals
to align energetically like an axiatonal alignment to the portals, star
gates, galaxies and universes of GOD that are most aligned to your
path and plan with GOD. This allows you to bring in these high pure
frequencies of the Christed love and light and anchor them to this world
for the highest good of all.

Love, Passion, Bliss, Joy and Ecstasy of GOD

Passion is or should be very important to each of you – because
passion is the fuel that ignites your heart. And when your heart flies
open – this is where miracles can and do occur. These sessions help
you to attain more clarity about what makes you FEEL passionate and
alive and this is what each of you are meant to do. Let go of the energy
of struggle and move into the vibration of passion, bliss, joy and
ecstasy. Heaven on Earth arrives for each of you when you live from
your heart and create your life moment by moment from the vibration of

Magical Powers and Miracles of GOD

Jesus and many of the other great masters who have incarnated on
Earth was able to create miracles because he was totally aligned with
the Heart of Father/Mother GOD. Living magically is your natural
birthright and inheritance since each of you is a Co-Creator with GOD.  
Magic is the alchemical result that naturally arises when a person is
totally aligned with the Universal Laws of Love, Service and Attraction.
When all three of these aspects are all lined up; scoring a home run is
all but assured. This transmission greatly assists individuals to clear
any blocks and misaligned energies they may hold in their
consciousness that blocks their divine ideal calibration and alignment
with the Laws of Love, Service and Attraction.

Manifestation and Creation Powers of GOD

Each of you is an aspect of Father/Mother GOD with all of the creative
powers of GOD. In the higher dimensions as soon as you think of
something – it manifests instantly. As a divine dispensation of grace,
the manifestation powers of humanity on Gaia have been dramatically
slowed down and even disabled at times because of what would
manifest as a result of the collective negativity of human beings on this
world.  This transmission helps you to purify and cleanse your thoughts,
feelings, habits and memories so that you can become more magnetic
to things, events and circumstances that are aligned with your highest
good and that support the evolution of your being.

Merger with the Happy, Content and Fulfilled Inner Child of GOD

Your inner child was originally intended to be a great mastery gift for
each of you.  The inner child in many ways is a personal internal
navigation system for your emotional body much like the conscience is
an internal navigation system for your soul. The inner child was initially
created to provide you with an emotional body checks and balance so
that it would be easier for you to attain emotional mastery. Emotional
mastery is the state of consciousness where you operate from the heart
and the love-oriented emotions at all times. When your inner child was
feeling down that was meant to be a signal that you need to focus on
what is going on and move back into emotional balance – NOT blithely
ignoring it and letting your mind, ego and personality override it.
Instead most of you chose to ignore the inner child and the more you
ignored it – the more wounded it became and your heart began to close
rather than open over time. This session provide great healing for your
inner child and wounded children by aligning your inner child with the
divine ideal templates and blueprints of the Inner Child of
Father/Mother GOD.

Omnipotence and Omniscience of GOD

When we focus our light and love on service, we open ourselves to the
omnipotence and omniscience of GOD, the cosmos and all of creation.
This knowledge is purposeful and we are only revealed to those things
that will assist us in our service to this world, humanity and this cosmos.
These blessed sessions will propel one in their destiny and service to
the light and love of GOD and all of creation.

Over Souls and Channels of GOD

These sessions will connect one with the various levels of one’s Over-
Soul throughout their spiritual evolution to reach the ultimate levels of
GOD mastery for this lifetime. Each time you master another level in
your spiritual development, your energy channels will be calibrated to
operate from that next level of Over-Soul mastery so that eventually,
your personality will lose its’ lower base and become fused and operate
from the higher personality of the over soul.

Pure Essence and Innocent Beingness of GOD

One of the main reasons why adults love to watch and hold babies is
that infants embody their true essence, innocence and pristine purity –
which enable them to hold and radiate a very high and refined level of
unconditional love and acceptance that adults rarely receive from their
peers. The true essence of any being is love and only love – all else is
illusion. Just holding a baby helps you to recall on the cellular level your
original nature of innocence and pure connection to Spirit. This
transmission helps you to strip away the many layers and levels of
programming and learned behavior so that you may become more the
babies you love to hold.

Purification, Sanctification and Inner Authority of GOD

The clearer and purer and more refined your connection to Source is,
the more authentic power and influence on others and the planet you
will have. As the great master Jesus said you can judge a person by
their fruits. When you are in the presence of a great spiritual teacher,
you will know it even if they do not say a word. You may feel your heart
expand or feel clearer mentally or feel just really happy and joyful for no
reason whatsoever. You feel uplifted just by being in their presence
and this is a sign that they are a clear channel for Spirit to operate.
These transmissions are a divine dispensation of grace to assist you to
clear your connection to Source so that you may be a purer channel for
the Spirit within YOU to help others.

Rapture and Ascension of GOD

Through unity is the experience of the rapture of GOD that envelops
us. Rapture is the bliss, the harmony, the love and the joy of GOD and
is our divine birthright. It is a return to what we are, what we are made
of and what we seek to reclaim in our spiritual quest to know and feel
GOD. It is like feeling GOD pulsating through our veins; it is an
awakening of our divinity. This is what ascension is all about. It is the
reuniting with the love, bliss and harmony of GOD and the rapture that
fills our being as we are welcomed home once again into His arms. This
session will assist one in reaching high bliss states that will take them
further into the high energetic states of GOD and all that GOD

Sacred Chants, Mudras and Languages of Love of GOD

Many sacred dispensations of cosmic grace have been gifted to
humanity over time that were encoded in the form of sacred chants and
mudras. These sessions help you to receive the empowerment of these
dispensations without having to go through the ritual phrases and body
movements. It is a download to your soul directly from Father/Mother
GOD to advance you forward in your mastery. Each night many of you
receive instruction and training and many language of love downloads
that are relevant to your contract with the Creator and your sacred soul
missions for this critically important lifetime. This transmission also
upgrades your soul and monad’s ability to work with the language of
love downloads, templates and codes that each of you have been
entrusted with as sacred stewards for the planetary ascension service

Sacred Geometry and Symbols of GOD

The creation of the material plane of reality is largely based on
multidimensional science and mathematics. This is a transmission to
your soul of the symbols and sacred geometry coding that is aligned
with your soul mission and sacred service contracts with the Creator
and that support your evolution on all levels.

Sacred Names and Virtues of GOD

Over the course of history there have been a multitude of civilizations
established on Earth and each of them had different names for the
energy of Source – and each of these names had specific attributes or
a series of vibrations tones encoded into the vibration of the name.
Each of these names was channeled from Father/Mother GOD and
often the name was selected to help anchor certain vibrations on the
planet during the time of those civilizations.  Many of you as well
originate from many star systems which also have many names for God
and many different spiritual attributes as well.  This transmission helps
you to embody the energies, frequencies and vibrations of the names
of GOD that are most aligned with your soul purpose and sacred
service contracts with the Creator.

Sacred Rays, Flames, Vibrations and Tones of GOD

As Earth raises its vibration or ascends to the fifth and higher
dimensions, there are many cosmic dispensations of grace that become
available not only to the planet but also for all beings incarnated on that
world at that time. Many of you chose to incarnate now to take
advantage of these opportunities. People who are drawn to this
transmission of energies often have service contracts with the Creator
to embody and anchor the sacred rays, flames, vibrations and tones of
the fifth and higher dimensions for the planet.

Sacred Scrolls and Cosmic Libraries of GOD

As each of you awakens your heart and being to initiate every aspect of
your life from the multidimensional heart, you are able to tap into the
sacred storehouse of cosmic wisdom that resides within each heart.
Your multidimensional heart is the doorway or portal to working with the
collective cosmic wisdom of all of creation. Each incarnation you
experience contributes to this pool of distilled wisdom so in a way
access to these cosmic libraries is your birthright and inheritance as a
Co-Creator with Mother/Father GOD.

Servant of GOD

Most people feel that serving GOD entails a lot of personal hardship
and sacrifice whereas the reality is quite the reverse. To serve
Father/Mother GOD – all you have to do is live your life with passion,
joy, bliss and ecstasy. This transmission helps to align you with your
passion and bliss because you serve GOD best by radiating joy. The
vibration of joy raises the vibration of humanity and the planet more
than anything else that you could possibly do.

Spiritual Dispensations, Activations, Initiations and Blessings of

This session contain a special gift for you from GOD to accelerate you
on your spiritual evolution and your self-realization of your GOD
omnipotence. These gifts will be released to you with ease and grace
throughout your evolution in this lifetime every time your love and light
quotient expand. These sessions are calibrated for you and your path
with GOD and it is as individual a gift as your fingerprint- no two are

Universal Christ Consciousness and Sovereignty Codes of GOD

Cultivating sovereignty is an important thing for everyone who desires
to awaken the slumbering Christ Consciousness within their heart.
Many people give their power away to others – to their partner, their
parents, their children, their employer, their doctor, their minister/priest,
etc. In order to step into mastery and Christ Consciousness you must
claim your power 100% and take responsibility for every aspect of your
life. Perhaps the biggest temptation to light workers on earth is that
many of them are very sensitive to the pain and suffering of others and
they often blindly leap into saving others and helping others often at
great personal expense.  Taking on other people’s stuff does not honor
their sovereignty and mastery – it just makes your path more difficult.  
When people take on other people’s issues this often feeds and
reinforces the other person’s fears and self image that they are not big
enough to handle their challenges. This transmission of energies helps
you to clear any blocks you may have to being sovereign and accepting
full responsibility for every area of your life.

Womb of Creation and VOID of GOD

The VOID is the Source of the planes of matter. It is the raw or pure
essence of the Creator and the source of infinite potentiality for the
created universes. The VOID is the raw energy or clay from which
everything is molded or shaped.  Everyone on this world interacts with
the energies of the VOID at some level because everything around you
originated from the frequencies of the VOID. This transmission
tremendously enhances your ability to access and create at the VOID
Each Advanced Ascension Session  $40 usd
Instant transmission of sessions after payment